Love God

Love Others

Change the World


Tuesdays at 7pm

“for my house will be called

a house of prayer for all nations.”

Isaiah 56:7

Jesus Is Worthy

That’s the reason we gather each week. Jesus is worthy of our time, attention, thoughts, words, love, obedience -- our everything! It’s all about him. When we come to pray, we’re not trying to convince God of our ideas, we’re coming into agreement with his ideas. There’s joy in lining yourself up with the will of God and experiencing his presence with other believers.

God Wants Us To Pray

One of the major things God is doing today is a global prayer movement. God is calling us to pray. To pray often. To pray individually and corporately (however big or small). To intercede for our family, our city, our county, our country and the world. To pray simply because he is worthy of unceasing prayer. We are called to pray without ceasing. While this is not a new calling, God is rebuilding his house of prayer -- through us. God said, my house will be called a house of prayer. Since, we are God’s house, it starts and ends with us. Let’s respond with obedience to what God is doing today. God wants us to pray because prayer is relational between God and man and we can’t participate in his mission without it.

Prayer With a Purpose

While personal prayer requests are important, God is calling us to pray for things outside of ourselves (intercession) and to pray for the purpose of spending time with Jesus and to listen for his voice (prayer is two-way communication, not one-way). We can pray for a thousand different things, but this prayer meeting will have specific focuses each week. For this reason, prayer targets will be given at each meeting. We ask that you pray within the parameters of those targets so that we can have focus and all be in agreement for those targets. Feel free to use the bible for your prayers as long as it applies to the prayer target.

This Is Not a Spectator Sport

We want everyone who attends to be praying. Whatever position you’re in (sitting, standing, kneeling, etc.), whoever is praying out loud at the moment or if we’re waiting on the Lord and it’s quiet for a while, we encourage you to stay engaged. Focus on Jesus, what he wants you to pray and what is being prayed by others. We want to take advantage of the  time we have in this meeting to pray.

-- Pastor Jason Saglimbeni